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June 24th, 2019
Josh reaches a birthday milestone

This June, Josh Llewellyn our Chairman, will be celebrating his 70th birthday.

Josh began his journey way back in 1972.

His first foray into the welder and power generator markets was through the formation of GenSet Limited.

GenSet was originally set up to exclusively distribute a range of Italian made machines of the same name throughout the UK and Ireland. GenSet were also the pioneers in developing a re-hire service, which has been continued to this day by his son, Mat, through MHM Plant.

Alan and Josh begin his birthday celerations

Alan and Josh begin his birthday celebrations

For over 30 years, GenSet machinery became synonymous with the hire industry with many leading hire firms investing in the GenSet brand.

Josh was instrumental in the introduction of a range of lighting towers and welfare units specially designed for the UK and Irish hire markets. He remains the chairman of Genquip Limited, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of temporary accommodation units. In addition, to MHM and Genquip, he also is the chairman of  Security TBS Ltd and Tekno Proget, in Italy,

Josh was honoured in the 2008 Hire Association Europe, Hire Awards of Excellence as ‘Hireman (as it was then) of the Year’. When he picked up the award he commented: “I am absolutely delighted to win the award. This is a tribute I shall cherish for a long time to come.”

Still highly active in hire industry, Josh is regularly seen at industry events, most notably at the annual Executive Hire Show and Hire Association Europe Conferences.

Well known for his appreciation of fine Champagne, Josh will sample a glass (or two) of the very finest as his big day arrives. He is pictured here with the editor of Executive Hire  News, Alan Guthrie.