MHM News
January 8th, 2020
We partner with MIPV – Solar Energy for Power Generation

We already regard ourselves to be at the forefront in the use of renewables and non-fossil fuels. However, to continue our advance into using environmentally acceptable power, we have entered into a partnership with MIPV, a South Wales based manufacturer of innovative thin-film solar panels. MIPV is a division of the BIPV Group. The company was established in April 2015, following five years of collaborative research between Tata Steel LCRI (Low Carbon Research Institute) and Swansea University with support from the Welsh government.


The MHM team show one of MIPV’s solar thin-film panel.

This exclusive partnership is set to develop bespoke solutions to meet the sustainable energy needs of mobile welfare, site lighting and temporary security applications, using the unique and flexible thin film solar PV technology to generate the required power.

In 2020, we will become the global distributor for MIPV’s renewable solar thin-film CIGS technology in all of these market sectors. Using this flexible thin-film technology, solar in mobile applications is now set to become a reality.

Commenting on this partnership, Mat Llewellyn said, “Our aim is to limit and possibly eliminate the use of diesel entirely by concentrating on renewables, hybrid and battery powered systems. We believe that MIPV has made exactly the right product for the markets we supply.”

“Our commitment to the application of renewables is steadfast. We anticipate that the use of MIPV thin-film panels will help us achieve our ultimate goal of zero carbon efficiency,” added Mat.